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This website is the property of the FUNDACIÓN JUAN CRISÓSTOMO DE ARRIAGA – ORQUESTA SINFÓNICA DE BILBAO / JUAN CRISOSTOMO DE ARRIAGA – BILBAO ORKESTRA SINFONIKOA FUNDAZIOA (hereinafter BOS), whose registered office is at Calle Abandoibarra, 4 – 48011 Bilbao (Vizcaya-Spain); Tax Number No. G95449021, registered in the Foundations Register of the Basque Government under number F-223 and with telephone number +34 94 40 35 205 and email address

In the case of online contracting, any consumer and user may make a complaint or file a claim or request information about the goods or services offered or contracted by the above means.

This legal notice shall likewise apply to any sub-domains, micro-sites and/or sub-sections contained in this website provided that is the exclusive property of BOS.

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1.2.- Language.

Should this Legal Notice, our Privacy Policy, or any other rules, policies and procedures that may be published from time to time on this website be translated, the version in Spanish shall prevail if there is any discrepancy between the version in Spanish and a translated version.

1.3.- Blog.

In case of participating in the blog at Any participant shall behave appropriately with the other participants, and with individuals, legal entities and/or companies. No lack of respect shall be tolerated.

Please cooperate with keeping the space ordered and clear, and make your contributions in the appropriate discussion thread (Use the Search option).

  • Make sure that your writing is clear, that it is organised, meaningful and easy to read to the other users.
  • Creating threads of publishing messages aimed at advertising for commercial is banned. This rule, also, includes any advertising that is abusive and/or malicious, along with the excessive promotion of other communities, websites or personal pages.
  • Any content that is deemed not to contribute anything to the space shall be eliminated. The aim of this is to avoid the proliferation of messages that detracts from the forum and/or poisons the atmosphere.
  • The use of two or more users by a single person may lead to expulsion and/or cancellation of those users.
  • Please note that the information, opinions, comments, etc, that are published and shared may be seen and used by other users and that we cannot guarantee that other users do not use that information. Therefore, if you have any idea or information that you wish to keep confidential and/or do not wish it to be used by others, or is subject to third-party rights that could be infringed if it is shared, please do not publish or share it, as we are not responsible for the misuse or misappropriation by users of the identity or the contents or information that are published or shared by others at


BOS hereby informs users that, in the case of having a prior contractual relationship, we will send you information about our activities, products and/or services (including by means of electronic communications) based on our legitimate interest. However, your fundamental interests and rights will always prevail over our legitimate interest. If you so choose, please send us an email to the address in the above paragraph and we will stop sending you this type of communications from then onwards.

If you are not a customer, we will only send you this type of commercial and/or advertising communications electronically if you authorise us to do so by clicking the option that is expressly included for that purpose on our website. Withdrawal of your consent for sending this type of communications does not affect the processing of your data for the other purposes described in the privacy policy.

Advertising: The website can contain advertising content or be sponsored. The advertisers and sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the material submitted to be included in the website complies with the legislation and consents that may be applicable in each case. The website owner shall be liable for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that the sponsors’ or advertising content may contain. Neither shall the website owner be liable for any harm that sensitive advertising or other material may cause to the website users or visitors.


BOS is the owner of the contents and elements that make up this website and it therefore owns its intellectual property and, in particular, all the source codes, texts, images, design, logos, computer programs, animations, databases, brands, trademarks or distinguishing signs, sounds and other sound or graphic elements of the website pages. This list is not exhaustive and is given by way of example and those elements are duly protected pursuant to international and Spanish industrial and intellectual property legislation.

The User is required to use the contents diligently and correctly, in accordance with the law, morals and public order. BOS hereby authorises you as the User to view the information contained on this website, as well as to make private copies (just downloading and storing on your computer systems), provided that the items are only for personal use, along with the use of the information exclusively for journalistic purposes, provided that, in both cases, the integrity of the information is respected and mention is made that the original source is this website belonging to BOS. Any type of biased use and contrary to its nature is expressly forbidden.

Apart for the purposes established expressly in the above paragraph, the use of the content of the website is forbidden, along with its distribution, modification, assignment to third parties, its reproduction, transformation or public communication, by any means and technology, without the prior and express consent of BOS. Any action contrary to this text is a breach of intellectual and industrial property rights legislation.

However, the use of this website is permitted provided that respects its integrity and mention is made that the original source is this website belonging to BOS. Any type of biased use and contrary to its nature is expressly forbidden.

BOS hereby reserves the right to take the appropriate legal actions to defend its rights.


Should you proceed to submit an access password to certain services, you as the USER shall keep it, under your sole responsibility, in the strictest and absolute confidentiality and secrecy. You shall proceed to safeguard, use and conserve it in a diligent manner. The assignment of it to a third-party is expressly forbidden and you as the USER are liable for any harmful consequences that may be incurred for the website owner and for the USERS. In the case of theft, loss or non-authorised access of the password, you as the USER shall proceed to immediately notify BOS so that the appropriate measures can be taken. The USER shall be liable for the damage that may be incurred both to BOS and to the other USERS, as the result of any delay in reporting of those cases.

Under no circumstances shall BOS be liable for any incidents that may occur regarding the personal data when they occur either from hacking or unauthorised access to the systems in such a way that it is impossible for that to be detected by the implemented security measures, or when it is due to a lack of diligence of the registered customer as regards the safekeeping of their passwords or of their own personal details.


We use the HTTPS (SSL) protocol on this website to establish a safe communication channel between the server and the user for sending personal data. Providing this service through a secure server guarantees the confidentiality of the information exchanged between the user’s computer and that server, by establishing an encrypted connection between both, using the SSL protocol, making it impossible for third parties to access the information sent.


a) General Points

The aim of BOS is for the website to function with maximum efficiency and comply with the purpose for which it has been created, but it is not liable for any possible numerical, formal or typing errors that the website may contain, or the accuracy of the information contained in it, or for any possible malfunctions or abnormalities in its operating.

BOS does not guarantee that the website and server is virus free and shall not be held liable for any damage caused from accessing or from being unable to access the website.

You as the user undertakes to use this website legitimately and in good faith and according to current legislation and commercial standards; you likewise undertake not to behave in any way that may harm the image, interests or rights of BOS or of third parties that may damage, disable, overload or prevent the normal use of this website in any way.

BOS hereby reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions that appear on this website, as well as to expand its contents, information, etc, at any time and without prior notice. Users should therefore check at regular intervals as to whether any changes have occurred. You should read the new disclaimers and conditions of use of the website that may be added. Otherwise, you should abstain from accessing and using it. BOS shall not be held liable in that case and shall be entitled to suspend and end access to the Website contents, and to the services provided from it.

b) Links and hyperlinks

The BOS websites may facilitate the link or access to other resources or third-party websites, which we consider to be of interest or are necessary to provide some of the services of our websites, but under no case are those websites controlled by us.

The aim of those links may be to make it easier for you to search for resources of interest online or to manage certain services of our website, such as the processing, payment and billing the purchase of tickets to events or activities promoted or managed by BOS.

However, those pages do not belong to BOS, nor does it review their contents and, therefore, it may not be held responsible for them, or for the services provided, as applicable, that appear and/or are available in those websites, of the operating of the linked page, their use and processing of data, of any breaches that, as applicable, may occur or of the possible damage that may arise from accessing or using it. The existence of the link does not imply any relationship between the BOS and the persons or entities that are the owners of those contents or of the sites where they are found.

Therefore, BOS does not assume any liability with respect to the linked sites, or regarding its functioning, the content and services hosted on them or any possible links in turn on those linked sites.

We strongly recommend reading the relevant legal notices and, most particularly, the privacy policies of those websites before entering your personal data there. If you are unsure, we recommend that you directly contact those sites to obtain further information on their privacy policies.

If you become aware of any illegal or inappropriate content, services or any other activity through a linked site, you must immediately notify BOS so that it can, as applicable, adopt the measures that it deems appropriate.

The presentation of a page of the website on another that does not belong to BOS (by means of the technique known as “framing” or any other with the same or similar effects) is expressly forbidden, as is the insertion of any type of content disseminated through on a different website using the “in line linking” technique, or any other for the same or similar effects, without the express consent of BOS.

By using the website, we consider that the users have read this document carefully and that they have understood and followed the advice contained herein. If you do not accept this data protection policy or with the advice contained herein, please do not use our website.


Spanish legislation shall be applicable and the competent courts and tribunals shall be those of Bilbao in the case of any conflict or dispute regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions, and regarding any point relating to the services of this website.