Guide for your first time at the BOS

Guide for your first time at the BOS

If you’re thinking about coming to one of our concerts and you´re wondering when to applaud, what time to arrive…
We are providing you here with a series of points that you should bear in mind.

Do you need to be an expert on music?

No. You go to a concert to enjoy yourself, and this doesn’t depend on how much you know about it.


There is no need to comply with a dress code. Just a bit of common sense will be enough.

What time to arrive

If you arrive late you won’t be able to come in until there is a break, so it’s better if you get there in good time. It is advisable to arrive about 15 minutes in advance.

Finding your seat

As we have already arranged that you are going to get there in good time you won’t have any problems finding your seat. In any case, for any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the BOS staff in the hall.

The programme

Just as when you attend any other cultural event, it is worth your while finding out about what you are going to see. You’ll be able to find full information in the digital programmes (QR) and on the BOS web site.


Your mobile phone must be on silent, with the screen light dimmed so as not to bother anyone near you.

Food and drink

Bringing food and drink into the hall is not allowed. In the break or when you go out you can go and have a drink and while you are about it you can comment on the concert.

If you have a cough…

If you have a cough, try and muffle it (for example with a handkerchief). If you need to suck a sweet try not to make any noise when you open it.

Leaving your seat

Unless it is for something urgent, it is not appropriate to leave your seat until the end of the piece.

When to applaud (or not)

It is customary to wait until the end of each piece to applaud. If you are not sure, just follow the rest of the audience. You can even let out a “Bravo!” if you have really liked something a lot.

Leaving the hall

When the concert is over, wait until the lights come on, calmly leave the hall, and try not to block the exits.