General Terms and Conditions


These General Terms and Conditions for Purchasing govern the use of the website of FUNDACIÓN JUAN CRISÓSTOMO DE ARRIAGA – ORQUESTA SINFÓNICA DE BILBAO / JUAN CRISOSTOMO DE ARRIAGA – BILBAO ORKESTRA SINFONIKOA FUNDAZIOA (hereinafter called BOS), with registered address at Calle Abandoibarra, 4 – 48011 Bilbao (Vizcaya-Spain) and tax ID nº G95449021, which is entered in the Register of Foundations of the Basque Government under nº F-223. You may also make any complaints or claims and request information concerning goods or services offered or contracted by telephone on +34 94 40 35 205 or by e-mail on

By using the online services for the purchase of tickets and season tickets offered by this website, users tacitly accept the General Terms and Conditions for Purchasing of BOS in the version published at the time of the purchase order. You are therefore advised to read these General Terms and Conditions before making any purchases. These terms and conditions for purchasing apply to all purchases made via this website.

On placing your order you assure us that you are at least 18 years old and are legally capable of entering into binding agreements.

These terms and conditions for purchasing and our disclaimer/privacy policy may be updated at any time. You may consult and print out up-to-date versions of both documents by clicking on the links “Terms and Conditions for Purchasing” and “Disclaimer/Privacy Policy”.

1.1. Obligations of the User

Users must provide BOS with all the data required to access and use the services on this website. BOS may use those data to contact you if necessary and for the purposes indicated in the disclaimer/data protection policy on this site unless you expressly deny authorisation for any of the said purposes.

If all the information indicated as compulsory is not provided we will be unable to process your order. BOS declines any liability for delays or failures in delivery as a result of errors or omissions in the said data.

Users undertake to make proper, lawful use of the services provided via the website and not to engage in any activity that may hinder or interfere with the workings of the said services.

1.2. Security Measures

We undertake to establish all reasonable mechanisms in our power to ensure that your personal details are kept secure at all times, and in this regard you are referred to the relevant points in our disclaimer/privacy policy for this website. However, you are considered to accept that no online transmission of data can be guaranteed to be totally secure from access by unauthorised recipients, so we decline all liability for any failure in security unless it is caused by negligence on our part.


Users may formalise purchase agreements in the Basque, Spanish and English languages.

2.1. Purchasing Procedure

The main characteristics of the shows and/or events offered via this website can be consulted via the description provided for each event. You are invited to browse the website to locate the desired event, date, time and seating location. Then click to access and complete the details of your purchase: price, taxes, expenses, number of tickets, etc. From there you can add tickets to your purchase.

2.2. Confirmation of the order

Placing an order always implies the obligation to pay it. After selecting the tickets and deciding to buy them, select “CONTINUE” (see example on the following screenshot).

The customer will receive confirmation of the tickets purchased and the amount to be paid, and will be able to confirm the order by clicking on “BUY” (see example on the following screenshot).

After that, you will be directed to the registration/identification page. If it is the first time you buy, you must register; if you are already a user, you must identify yourself (see example on the following screenshot).

Once identified, you will access de payment system with the desired credit/debit card.

Once the order is thus confirmed, it is firm and will be automatically recorded and BOS will proceed to dispatch and/or deliver it by the means selected by the customer.

The automatic recording of the order placed is valid as proof of its nature, content and date. The confirmation of the order by the customer implies the acceptance of the prices, description of the products offered, additional costs and other terms of sale of the product, which are set out during the purchase process.

After the confirmation of an online order, an email will be sent to the address given by you confirming the order and that the purchase process has been completed correctly. The email will contain the information on the concert for which you have bought tickets, the number of tickets, the seats reserved, along with a reference number for the order. Your tickets will be sent to that same email address if you select the “home ticket” option to print the tickets out at home. This reference number uniquely identifies the purchase made through the website and it is way that the BOS staff can identify your purchase in case you have any query.

The contract between you and us will only be formalised at that point and only for the items listed in the confirmation email. You are entitled to receive a paper bill at no extra cost and to do so, you should indicated your tax number, name and surname(s) or company name, and billing address. In addition, you as the customer expressly give your consent for an e-bill to be sent, consent that you can always revoke by sending an email in that regard to the contact address indicated in the preliminary provisions section of the conditions.

2.3. Price, currency & taxes

The prices applicable are those indicated on the website on the date when you place the order. The prices for each product are shown in Euros (€) and are inclusive of taxes. VAT is charged at the rate legally applicable at the relevant time.

Unless otherwise indicated specifically, the prices shown do not include postage if tickets are to be mailed to you, or any other additional services over and above the price of the tickets themselves. Any such expenses will be indicated during the purchasing process as additional charges.

Under current legislation all purchases made via our website are subject to value added tax (VAT).

Once the purchase order has been filled in, and prior to paying for the order, you will be shown a final summary of the items purchases and the total price (including taxes and costs).

BOS reserves the right to make any modifications that may be considered appropriate at any time without prior notice, and may update products and prices daily as new items become available.

2.4. General terms &conditions:

The general terms and conditions applicable to shows/events organised by FUNDACIÓN JUAN CRISÓSTOMO DE ARRIAGA – ORQUESTA SINFÓNICA DE BILBAO / JUAN CRISOSTOMO DE ARRIAGA – BILBAO ORKESTRA SINFONIKOA FUNDAZIOA (hereinafter called BOS) are as follows:

  • Dates, programmes and prices shown on this website are valid save for typographical or material errors.
  • Changes in programmes: BOS may suspend concerts and change dates, times, programs and performers should the performers announced be indisposed or should there be technical reasons, cases of force majeure or other circumstances requiring it to do so.
  • Changes in location: BOS reserves the right to relocate season-ticket holders in seats of the same or a higher standard if there is good cause or if it proves necessary for organisational, technical and production reasons.
  • Non-payment: Season tickets shall be forfeit in case of non-payment. (total or partial amount).
  • Special offers for young people: Persons over the relevant age limit who attempt to use seats reserved under special offers for young people will be refused access to the hall. In the case of season-ticket holders, their season ticket will automatically be cancelled.
  • Accreditation: Membership/season-ticket holder cards or the relevant tickets must be shown to access the hall.
  • Minors: Children under five years old are not admitted except at performances for children.
  • Punctuality: Out of consideration for other audience members and for performers, you are asked to be punctual. Once a performance has started there is no admission to the hall except during breaks.
  • Recordings and photographs: It is forbidden to take photographs, film or sound recordings within the Palacio Euskalduna complex.
  • Mobile telephones: Mobile telephones and alarms of all kinds must be disconnected on entering the hall.
  • Smoke-free zone: There is no smoking inside the Palacio Euskalduna complex.
  • Right to refuse admission: BOS reserves the right to refuse admission.
  • Assistance dogs: Anyone who, as a result of their disability, is accompanied by an assistance dog, has the right to enter and remain in the hall with their dog. No other animals are allowed to enter.

2.5. Particular terms & conditions :

The particular terms and conditions applicable to tickets and season tickets for the symphony and chamber music seasons can be consulted in the sections entitled “Tickets” on this website.

2.6. Form of Payment & Security

Payment is to be made by bank credit or debit card. A list of admissible cards is shown on the payment detail form itself. The cards currently admitted are Visa and MasterCard.

At the time confirmation of the order the purchaser must provide the relevant card number for payment and indicate the type of card (from the list of admissible cards), its expiry date and the three-figure code shown on the back of the card.

Amounts are charged in real time via Redsys payment gateway. If for any reason it proves impossible to make the charge, the order will be cancelled automatically.

Credit cards are subject to checks and authorisations on the part of card issuers. Should the card issuer refuse to authorise payment, BOS accepts no liability for any delay or failure in delivery, and will be unable to enter into any agreement with you.

NB.- Credit card fraud is a criminal offence, and BOS will bring legal action against anyone who conducts a fraudulent transaction at its online store.

2.7. Sending/Collection of Tickets & Season Tickets

Tickets: The user can collect the tickets:

  • In person, at the box office of The Euskalduna Conference Centre & Concert Hall, up until the same day of the concert.
    In that case, the user will have to produce the information sent in the purchase confirmation email, along with the credit card used.
    Box office opening hours here. (
    We recommend you go to the box office well in advance to avoid possible queues and waiting times.
  • Electronically,with the following options:
    • Printed at home (Home ticket): You directly print the tickets at home if you opt for this system. We will send the tickets to the email address that you gave when you filled in the order form. You can also download the home ticket to your mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet). You will then access the event by showing the device’s screen with the QR code included on this type of ticket.
    • PassBook: Method exclusively valid to be used on mobile devices. This option (provided that it is available) means you can directly download the tickets onto your mobile device. N.B.: this ticket collection method is exclusive for Smartphones and tablets with the Passbook reading app and cannot be used with PCs.

Season tickets:

  • Season tickets paid for by direct debit are mailed free of charge directly to the ticket holder at the address provided (unless instructions to the contrary are given). BOS declines all liability should tickets not be delivered as a result of any inaccuracy or falsehood in the data provided for that purpose by the User, or as a result of the absence of the User. In such cases, users may collect their season tickets in person from the offices of BOS, during regular opening hours.
  • Season tickets not paid for by direct debit must be collected in person from the offices of BOS, during regular opening hours.

Delivery times may vary for operational reasons, since they depend on the processing of changes of seat, new registrations, deregistrations and renewals, and it may not be possible to send them until the programme for the season is finally decided or the logo and motifs on the cards issued to season ticket holders are decided upon. It is therefore expressly agreed that season tickets will be delivered at least 20 days prior to the first concert in the season for which they are purchased. Should BOS fail to meet its obligation to deliver them within that time, users may formally request it to do so within an additional period appropriate in the relevant circumstances. Should BOS fail to deliver the season tickets within that additional period, the user shall be entitled to terminate the purchase agreement.

Once season tickets have been delivered they are the property of their users, who from then on are solely liable for any damage to or loss of same.

2.8. Policy on Withdrawals & Returns

Given the nature of the products sold (tickets and season tickets for concerts with specific dates and validity periods) the provisions of Article 103. l) of the General Act for the Defence of Consumers and Users [Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios] shall apply, with the exclusion of withdrawal rights, so that once the purchase of tickets or season tickets has been accepted the relevant amounts will not be exchanged or returned unless the event in question is cancelled.